SA Flowform Pools

Introducing our new SA Flowform pool system. Using unique pre-made blocks that lock together, SA Flowform pools are cheaper and faster to build than conventional pools, enabling the dream of a home swimming pool to become a reality for more people than ever before.

The SA Flowform system provides a lightweight, permanent pool shell that can be constructed quickly and customised to any size and shape. The shell is filled with concrete and reinforced with steel bars to provide the strength and resilience of a conventional pool.

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SA Flowform Liner blocks come in two sizes. The smooth face provides a perfectly flat surface for liner application, with no need for rendering.

SA Flowform Tile blocks have a single or double-sided perforated face that allows the concrete fill to be buffed for excellent tile bonding.

SA Flowform Flex blocks allow for any freeform concave or convex shapes, and are compatible with all of our standard blocks.