Aftercare & maintenance

We work hard to build strong, ongoing relationships with our customers, and our aftercare services are designed to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits from our installations for years to come.

When you choose to take on an aftercare and maintenance package with us, our experienced team will assess any potential problems with your facilities, and offer solutions to prevent serious issues from arising. This will save you money and give you the reassurance that your operations will keep running smoothly.

Our comprehensive aftercare and maintenance service extends your warranties on any work carried out by ourselves, and can also be tailored to your needs. We always aim to keep disruption to a minimum, and any work carried out will be sympathetic to the daily schedule and demands of your facilities.



Swimming Pool Maintenance

We offer swimming pool maintenance services for both residential, commercial & public swimming pools.

We specialise in all you need to know about your pool care. From one-time fixes, like a filter replacement and leak repairs, to maintenance visits so that we can keep the water sparkling clean for swimmers of any age! Regardless of whether it’s just once swimming pool repair or regular ongoing needs on both residential and commercial pools.


FAQs about swimming pool maintenance

Below you will find answers to common questions about swimming pool refurbishments.

Q. What is included in an aftercare and maintenance package?

A. Our maintenance and aftercare service provides solutions in order to prevent further issues from arising. Our experts will provide you with a range of services including deep cleaning, chemical balancing and inspection of pool equipment. Our package also extends you warranties on any work carried out by SA Pools and can be specifically tailored to your needs. 

Q. Why do you need swimming pool maintenance and aftercare?

A. It is important that professional maintenance be performed to ensure your pool stays clean and aesthetically pleasing all year round. Fortunately, swimming-pool service providers like SA Pool Systems offer competitive rates while ensuring you get quality work done on time! Keeping on top of your aftercare & maintenance can also ensure you can avoid future repair costs. Even the best pools in the world that have been installed by the leading swimming pool construction companies will need maintenance and aftercare it is a key component of longevity.

Q. What are the benefits of swimming pool maintenance?

A. Swimming pool maintenance is key to improving the longevity of your swimming pool and also crucial for health & safety. Hiring a professional swimming maintenance company ensures it is completed on a set schedule. Swimming pool maintenance is proven to save you time and money.

We have experience in offering aftercare & maintenance services to both private, commercial & public pool owners – most recently completing projects for Braintree Council. If you require further information on these services, please contact us.





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