Non-slip flooring for around swimming pools

Non-slip surfaces are vital around your pool including the steps leading into the water. Ensuring that the floor you choose is hygienic and safe is important in maintaining the safety of your customers and employees. At SA Pool Systems we provide not only an effective and dependable solution but our two-pack epoxy resin flooring is stylish as well.

Our SA Pool flooring system offers an extremely hard-wearing, slip-resistant surface comprising of coloured quartz beads suspended in a two-pack epoxy resin to provide increased grip and stability. Two-pack epoxy resin is perfect for painting newly constructed pools as well as re-painting pools previously coated with epoxy pool paint. It is industrial strength and a commercial-grade epoxy and is extremely long-lasting, decorative, durable and able to withstand severe wear and tear including the use of automatic pool cleaners and chemical treatments.

Some of the other benefits include:

Non-Slip Flooring For Around Swimming Pools

Due to the amount of foot traffic poolside can often be a safety hazard with improper flooring. Water is often splashed out of the swimming pool which makes the floors, cold, slippery and wet creating a slip hazard. installing non-slip flooring eliminates the risk of slip-related accidents completely.

Ideal for both commercial and residential use and also great for wet rooms and changing areas which are also prone to slippery floors. This type of flooring is crucial for leisure centres, schools and commercial environments with heavy foot traffic, not only to protect your customers but to protect your business from any potential legal action against you. At SA Pool Systems we are experts in non-slip flooring installation

Talk to us today about your non-slip flooring needing a specially designed and crucial safety element for both public and private pools. We are based in Nottingham and offer our expert service across the UK.




FAQs about swimming pool flooring

Below you will find answers to common questions about swimming pool refurbishments.

Q. Why is non-slip flooring essential?

A. Anti-slip flooring has several benefits as mentioned above and is absolutely essential in a pool setting as every year thousands of accidents occur at swimming pools due to improper flooring. The bottom line is that anti-slip flooring prevents slip-and-fall accidents thereby avoiding litigation and thus saving costs. A safe working environment for both staff and visitors is also vital. 

Q. What is the Pendulum Test?

A. The pendulum test determines the level of friction offered by a floor or surface when walked on. It can measure the slip potential of both wet and dry flooring. The test is the subject of a British Standard (BS 7976: Parts 1-3, 2002) and is recommended by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). 

Passing the pendulum test shows authorities, insurance companies and lawyers that you have suitably safe flooring which can protect you should you be taken to court or indeed prevent claims from the onset.

Q. Why is epoxy resin hygienic?

A. Epoxy flooring is one of the most hygienic surfaces for your swimming pool. Due to its smoothness, not much sticks to it making it easy to sweep and clean. Resistant to bacteria and germs which makes it even simpler to sanitise. It also has a low odour and doesn’t taint over time making it the perfect choice for your swimming pool.

Q. How long does Epoxy resin flooring last?

A. Typically our flooring lasts 5-10 years depending on the level of use, though occasionally they last longer. If you feel your pool flooring needs a refresh contact us today. 






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