Pool Construction

SA Pools specialise in the design and construction of all kinds of indoor and outdoor domestic and commercial swimming pools, made from the highest quality polymer materials with advanced manufacturing processes.

Our expertise in pool installation includes excavations, shell construction and steel reinforcement, as well as filtration, ductwork, pool covers and dehumidification systems.

We work to the highest professional standards and provide options to suit your timescale and budget. All of our polymer pools are constructed to BS standards and include a 10-year guarantee.


The advantages of Polymer pools

Polymer fibreglass liners are perfect for both the construction of new pools and the refurbishment of existing pools.

Following the installation of steel reinforcement to the concrete shell, the fibreglass pool lining is sprayed with a polymer material. This is one of the most advanced waterproof materials available, and the flawless finish means no water leakage or degradation, guaranteeing a longer life than pools lined with other materials.

Polymer fibreglass pools are easier to maintain, which dramatically reduces maintenance costs. The seamless liner prevents the build-up of algae and moss, which can be a significant problem in other types of pools.