Drainage systems

Our swimming pool drainage solutions are reliable, attractive and completely bespoke to your needs.

We use HDPE, a modern plastic that is extremely hard-wearing has excellent residual strength and offers high resistance to chemicals and acids associated with the pool environment. Its smooth surface increases water motion and ensures effective drainage whilst also being temperature tolerant with a range from -50°C to +100°C.

Due to the way we manufacture our systems, we are able to accommodate almost any requirement. Our large-format CNC machines allow complete flexibility on the shape, size and thickness, and we can produce bespoke shapes such as T-sections and curved grating. We also offer a choice of drainage patterns depending on your needs, for example, to allow maximum water drainage or increase longevity.

For the finishing touch, all of our HDPE materials are available in a variety of colours or can be specifically matched to your colour scheme.

Maintenance is simple too – our grates are manufactured in one-metre lengths (approx), allowing ease of removal for cleaning. We also offer swimming pool refurbishment and maintenance services to ensure your swimming pool stays in the best condition.

Swimming Pool Drainage Systems 

We offer a full design, manufacture & installation service with our swimming pool drainage systems. We ensure the system is created & fitted to meet your exact requirements. At SA Pool Systems we are experienced in creating swimming pool drainage systems for both commercial, public & residential swimming pools. All of our drainage system teams are constantly undergoing training to ensure all work is in line with the latest swimming pool drainage regulations. We specialise in Lining Drainage Gullies for swimming pools.

We don’t just design and install drainage systems, we offer a range of swimming pool construction and refurbishment services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements to find out more about how SA Pool Systems can help.





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