Non-slip safety flooring

A slip-resistant surface is vital to pool walkways, steps and shower/changing room areas, and you need a solution that is not only effective and dependable, but stylish as well.

The SA Pool flooring system offers an extremely hard wearing, slip-resistant surface comprising of coloured quartz beads suspended in a two-pack epoxy resin to provide increased grip and stability. The many benefits of our system include:

There are many other benefits to our flooring:

Our flooring benefits from contemporary styling and is available in a wide choice of colours to complement your design scheme – either as a solid colour or combination of two or more.

Non Slip Flooring For Swimming Pools

Our non slip flooring for swimming pools is suitable for both commercial and domestic pools. You can also use the flooring for spa, wet rooms and changing areas. Our slip resistant surfaces are designed to reduce the chances of slips and accidents. This type of flooring is very important in leisure centres, schools and commercial environments. We are experts in Non Slip Flooring For Swimming Pools contact us to find out more about our services.

Our expert team install non slip flooring for swimming pools, wet rooms, wet areas and changing area

Non Slip Flooring For Swimming Pools are important because they reduce slips, trips and falls. A crucial safety element for both public and private pools.

We are based in Nottingham and offer non-slip safety flooring across Nottingham and the United Kingdom.

Non slip flooring for changing areas

In addition to non slip poolside flooring we also offer non slip flooring for changing room and wet rooms, the floor of a changing facility should be as hygienic as possible whilst also being functional and durable. Our non-slip floorings are low maintenance and extremely easy to keep sanitary. The flooring will be walked on by hundreds of barefoot people on a daily basis so ensuring it is completely non-slip is vital. Changing rooms and wet room floors are likely to become wet and non-slip following can drastically reduce the risk of slips and falls improving the safety at your leisure centre. At SA Pool Systems we have vast experience working on swimming pools and changing areas including completing a recent project for Ratcliffe College

At SA Pool Systems our flooring comprises of coloured quartz beads suspended in a two- pack epoxy resin and is therefore ideal for locker rooms and wet rooms. Tough and hard wearing it can handle heavy foot traffic whilst also being comfortable to walk on. We also offer nationwide swimming pool construction & refurbishment services.

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