17 Jul 2024 -

Revolutionising Flumes: The Benefits and Process of Flume Relining

Given the heavy traffic that water slides regularly experience, maintaining the flume linings is essential to prevent deterioration and ensure a seamlessly smooth ride. At SA Pool Systems, we provide comprehensive flume relining and maintenance services to eliminate any problems and guarantee a fresh look and feel that will last for years to come.

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02 May 2024 -

Swimming Pool Drainage: Why proper drainage is important

Ensuring the proper drainage for your swimming pool is not just about aesthetics; it's a fundamental aspect of maintaining a safe and enjoyable aquatic environment. At SA Pool Systems, we understand the importance of effective drainage in preserving the longevity and beauty of your pool while prioritising safety above all else.

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12 Oct 2023 -

Public Swimming Pool Hygiene: Everything you need to know

Regular dips at public swimming pools are many people’s favourite activity, but its enjoyment hinges on pool cleanliness—a critical concern for most visitors. Beyond aesthetics, it's about health and safety. Below we explore public swimming pool hygiene's significance and our role in ensuring safe aquatic spaces.

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26 Jul 2023 -

Why Building a Pool is Worth the Investment?

We explore the advantages of investing in a new pool. From increased property value to improved health and fitness, and even enhanced outdoor living space. A new pool built well by our highly skilled professionals, offers a wide range of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

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18 Apr 2023 -

How to prepare your outdoor swimming pool for summer

Are you excited about having a new outdoor swimming pool but feeling overwhelmed about how to get it summer-ready? Or have you left your pool unattended throughout the winter months and now realise it needs some TLC?

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20 Feb 2023 -

5 Reasons why an epoxy membrane is the best commercial pool liner

At SA Pool Systems, we specialise in the design and construction of commercial swimming pools and we only use the highest quality epoxy materials for our pool liners. As experts in swimming pool construction, we believe this is the best option for not just commercial swimming pools but for all types of pools.

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03 Jan 2023 -

How often should you reline your community centre pool?

Has your community centre pool been running for over 10 years? Then you may want to think about relining it with our team of experts.

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15 Nov 2022 -

Outdoor Swimming Pool Care for Winter

Pool care during Winter is often neglected, at SA Pool Systems we provide advice on maintaining you pool throughout the winter months.

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18 Jul 2022 -

A guide to swimming pool maintenance

Establishing your swimming pool maintenance routine can make you feel confident that your pool will be safe and attractive for years to come. The Three C's or our experienced team can help you!

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