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12 Oct 2023 -

Public Swimming Pool Hygiene: Everything you need to know

Regular dips at public swimming pools are many people’s favourite activity, but its enjoyment hinges on pool cleanliness—a critical concern for most visitors. Beyond aesthetics, it’s about health and safety. Below we explore public swimming pool hygiene’s significance and our role in ensuring safe aquatic spaces.

Water Quality: Pool hygiene begins with maintaining proper water quality. Public pools must use the right chemical balance to ward off harmful microorganisms while keeping water clear and inviting. Our swimming pool maintenance services, staffed by experienced technicians, use state-of-the-art equipment, monitor and adjust chemical levels, ensuring your pool remains consistently safe and clean. 

Regular Cleaning: Over time, pools accumulate debris, leaves, and other organic matter that can harbour bacteria, specifically for pool drains. At SA Pool Systems we offer durable and resistant HDPE drainage systems in approximately one-metre lengths making cleaning more efficient. Our maintenance team undergoes continuous training to ensure compliance with the latest swimming pool drainage regulations.

Quality Materials: At SA Pool Systems, we exclusively supply high-quality materials for pool construction and refurbishment. Our seamless epoxy liners, one of the most advanced waterproof materials available, inhibit algae and moss buildup, reducing the need for excessive chemicals. Likewise, our non-slip flooring solution, comprising coloured quartz beads suspended in a two-pack epoxy resin, ensures sufficient sanitation.

In testament to our commitment to health & safety, we received the ISO 9001 Quality Management System award in 2011 and are proud members of CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme).

With all of our customers, we understand that their public pools are a place for relaxation and fun. Our commitment to public swimming pool hygiene goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about creating a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. Whether you need a new pool construction or regular maintenance, we’re here to ensure that your pool remains a clean and inviting oasis for years to come. Don’t compromise on hygiene; contact us today to discuss your swimming pool needs!