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15 Nov 2022 -

Outdoor Swimming Pool Care for Winter

With the colder months upon us, it’s easy to neglect outdoor swimming pools. At SA Pool Systems, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and services for aftercare and swimming pool maintenance. Preparing for the return of those dreamy summer pool days starts right now. Learning the simple steps for winter pool care can save you a lot of time and money. Who doesn’t want that? 

Secure Winter Pool Covers

You may think it’s as easy as keeping the pool cover on over winter. This is definitely the most important step to swimming pool care, however, making sure it is secure and clean should also be a priority during winter months. When algae and debris builds up, it can lead to pipe blockages that don’t often get discovered until the problem is too big to fix easily. In addition, harsh weather conditions can lead to all sorts of unwanted objects landing on your pool cover, and in extreme cases it can cause serious damage. With this in mind, you may want to trim any nearby branches and secure outdoor furniture. Most importantly, investing in a high quality pool cover and establishing a cleaning routine can help avoid these problems occurring. 

Water Balance in Winter

If you choose to keep your pool filled with water during winter, then it’s important to keep an eye on the PH balance, which should remain between 7.0 and 7.4. This is mostly necessary in milder temperatures where thawing occurs, but checks should be carried out on a regular basis. If left alone, it’s common for unwanted scale to build up and interrupt the functioning of the sanitisers. In environments with constant freezing temperatures, algae and bacterial growth is usually kept to a minimum, so testing isn’t as necessary. Keeping the chemistry of your outdoor swimming pool well-balanced will ensure a much smoother transition to when the time comes to reopening it.

Monitoring Pool Parts

Something you may not have thought about is caring for your pool parts. Freezing temperatures may be good for preventing algae and bacteria, but they can cause high pressure in pipes and pumps, leading to a list of expensive repairs which our swimming pool refurbishment service can cover. To minimise this risk, carry out routine maintenance checks on the pipes, pump, heater and filter – looking for any signs of damage, and ensuring everything works fine. You may want to regularly remove excess water from these parts; a leaf blower is recommended as a way of keeping them dry.

Filter Running in Winter

Lastly, keeping the filter running for 2–3 hours a day can help to maintain the water balance of your pool during winter. This is important to ensure that it is kept clean throughout these months, making reopening it a lot easier. 

A common theme during this blog is easing the reopening process of your outdoor pool. A neglected pool is much harder to restore the health of and can result in a very costly and long process, which no one wants to deal with! By simply following these swimming pool care steps, you can avoid causing any long term damage to your pool and look forward to a fun reopening! 

Alternatively, put the stress into our professional hands and take a look at our aftercare and maintenance package. This service covers both outdoor and indoor pools, and has been designed to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits from your pools for years to come.

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