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10 Feb 2022 -

Why should you invest in non-slip flooring around your swimming pools?

Non-slip flooring for swimming pools is essential, as pools are incredibly susceptible to becoming slippery, with water escaping from the pool creating cold and wet surfaces that are hazardous to pool users. Therefore, non-slip flooring for swimming pools should be considered essential.

Pool users frequently ignore or forget the rules around running near a swimming pool, even in the presence of signage and staff. Because water and bare feet coming into contact with non-slip-resistant flooring greatly increases the risk of slips and falls, investing in non-slip flooring for swimming pools will reduce the chances of slipping and injury. Non-slip flooring is especially important for leisure centres, schools, and other commercial environments with heavy footfall. This type of flooring will not only safeguard pool users but protect your organisation from potential legal action following an injury.

Non-slip flooring works by raising the walking surface above the level of the wet floor, meanwhile allowing excess water from the pool to drain effectively. The surface of the non-slip flooring feels comfortable to bare feet and provides grip, limiting slip hazards.

You may be concerned that a textured floor surface will be difficult to clean, but investing in SA Pool Systems’ unique epoxy resin non-slip flooring for swimming pools improves hygiene around the swimming pool. Due to the smooth nature of the material, our non-slip flooring is resistant to mould, mildew, fungi and other bacteria. It is also low odour and very easy to sweep, wipe and sanitise.

SA Pool Systems non-slip flooring for swimming pools is also low maintenance and durable, reducing the need for regular cleaning to remove hazardous standing water. This limits the ongoing costs involved in keeping the pool environment hygienic and safe.

Besides being effective and dependable, we appreciate that non-slip flooring needs to be stylish too. The SA pool flooring system offers an extremely hard-wearing, slip-resistant surface that comprises attractive coloured quartz beads suspended in a two-pack epoxy resin.

Based in the Midlands, SA Pool Systems are experts in all aspects of swimming pool installation and maintenance. If you would like to learn more about installing non-slip flooring for swimming pools, please get in touch.