Indoor Domestic Pool Maintenance

Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities amongst families with indoor pools gaining popularity over recent years. Not only do they provide an excellent form of exercise but they offer private year-round access and are relatively easy to maintain.  Proper maintenance however is vital for not only your health but the lifespan of your pool. The health and safety of swimmers depend upon many factors, including proper equipment maintenance, the quality of equipment used and how regularly you inspect your pump and filter. Maintaining these key factors ensures that your pool meets the health and safety regulations and drastically reduces the number of accidents in and around your indoor domestic swimming pool. There are many benefits to owning an indoor swimming pool such as;

Year-round access

While outdoor pools need to be drained and closed when temperatures drop, indoor pools offer year-round access meaning you can spend more time relaxing In your pool without having to worry about the time of year. 

Excellent form of exercise 

It’s no secret that swimming is an excellent way to work your entire body and cardiovascular system. Helping tone muscles, and build strength and endurance while increasing your heart rate without stressing your body. Having year-round access to your personal pool with help you stay on top of your fitness. 


Indoor domestic swimming pools offer a king of privacy you can’t get at a public swimming centre. For those who don’t like crowds or simply prefer a more personal relaxing experience, an indoor pool is like having an oasis that you can escape to at any time.

Easy maintenance

Indoor pools are often easier to maintain than their outdoor counterparts, with fewer chemicals needed and less debris entering the water maintenance is much simpler.



For a domestic pool, regular maintenance checks are vital and establishing a plan can help you to stay on top of the cleaning of your pool. Pool cleans should be carried out on a weekly basis during the months you are using your pool most often, this will help you avoid any issues going unnoticed as well as servicing any equipment used ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Your weekly maintenance tasks should include the following:


This is where it can get a little more complicated and as a domestic pool owner, you should think about outsourcing this. The chemical balance of an indoor pool balances the water and in turn, determines whether the water is safe to swim in. Typically domestic pools should be drained and refilled with water every 5-7 years, this may differ depending on pool usage and if the pool is indoor because of this a good filtration system and the right balance of chemicals are key as they will ensure your pool stays healthy, even when they are being used every day. At SA Pool systems our experienced staff are able to do regular visits to your pool and make sure everything is running smoothly avoiding any costly issues down the line.

Here are some general guidelines for testing specific pool chemical levels:


With SA Pool Systems our experienced team will assess any potential problems with your pool, and offer solutions to prevent serious issues from arising. This will save you money and give you the reassurance that your operations will keep running smoothly. We specialise in all you need to know about your pool care. From one-time fixes, like a filter replacement and leak repairs, to maintenance visits so that we can keep the water sparkling clean for swimmers of any age! Regardless of whether it’s just once swimming pool repair or regular ongoing needs on both residential and domestic pools.

Below are some of the services we are able to offer as part of a maintenance package:






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