Outdoor Commercial Pool Maintenance

Maintaining an outdoor commercial swimming pool is a big responsibility, and ensuring the health and safety of your guests is a top priority for business owners. The health and safety of swimmers depend upon a multitude of factors including proper maintenance of your equipment, the quality of equipment used and how regularly you inspect your pump and filter. Maintaining these key factors ensures that your pool meets the health and safety regulations and drastically reduces the number of accidents in and around your outdoor commercial swimming pool.

No matter what industry you are in, hospitality, fitness or spa & leisure, leaving a good impression with your customers is a top priority if you hope to see repeat business. So how can you keep your reputation afloat and ensure that you are doing everything you can to keep your outdoor commercial pool sparking?


Regular maintenance checks 

As a business it is vital to have a plan in place for proper servicing, cleaning and maintenance this should be done on a weekly basis to avoid issues going unnoticed as well as servicing any equipment used in pool maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Your weekly maintenance tasks should include the following:


Chemical treatments

This is where it can get a little more complicated and as a commercial facility, you should think about outsourcing this. The chemical balance of an outdoor pool balances the water and in turn, determines whether the water is safe to swim in. Typically commercial pools should drain and refill water around 2 a year, this may differ depending on pool usage and if the pool is outdoors because of this a good filtration system and the right balance of chemicals are key as they will ensure your pool stays healthy, even when they are being used every day. At SA Pool systems our experienced staff are able to do regular visits to your pool and make sure everything is running smoothly avoiding any costly issues down the line.

Here are some general guidelines for testing specific pool chemical levels:

Outdoor commercial swimming pools are more likely to become dirtier faster than residential pools, and no business owner wants to have to shut down their facility due to repairs. That’s why constant maintenance is so important to help prevent running into those big expensive problems that can lead to a huge downtime and loss of earnings. Keeping an eye on some key areas will help reduce major maintenance issues and keep your commercial pool running swimmingly.

Our Maintenance packages

With SA Pool Systems our experienced team will assess any potential problems with your facilities, and offer solutions to prevent serious issues from arising. This will save you money and give you the reassurance that your operations will keep running smoothly. We specialise in all you need to know about your pool care. From one-time fixes, like a filter replacement and leak repairs, to maintenance visits so that we can keep the water sparkling clean for swimmers of any age! Regardless of whether it’s just once swimming pool repair or regular ongoing needs on both residential and commercial pools.

Below are some of the services we are able to offer as part of a maintenance package:





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