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24 May 2022 -

What are the different types of commercial pools?

Throughout our many years in the swimming pool industry, it’s fair to say we’ve encountered, installed and repaired every type of swimming pool imaginable, for both domestic and commercial customers.

Most people will have a good idea of what a commercial pool looks like, from visiting a leisure centre, spa, hotel, or holiday park. They tend to evoke strong memories of some kind –childhood swimming lessons, or a lovely relaxing holiday! The main differences between commercial and domestic pools are probably obvious – commercial pools are open to the public, tend to be on the larger side, and have visible safety requirements, such as non-slip flooring, to prevent and reduce the risk of accidents. What you may not know is that there are some differences between the different types of commercial pools. Read on to find out what they are!

Leisure centres and health club
Leisure centre and health club pools are designed to host large groups of people while being safe, durable, and as easy as possible to maintain. The pool must be suitable for a range of activities, from school swimming lessons to aqua aerobics. From pool parties to competitive training and tournaments. While aesthetics are always a consideration, practicality trumps luxury for this kind of pool.

Commercial pools tend to be indoors, especially in countries with cooler climates like the UK. They are usually well-maintained, with a team of staff including maintenance experts who handle the pool chemicals and cleaning, service and repair technicians lifeguards and swimming coaches.

Most schools teach pupils water safety and swimming skills as part of their curriculum. Schools tend to either transport classes to their nearest council-run leisure centre, have their own on-site pool, or share a pool with a neighbouring school. Colleges and universities often have their own swimming pools too; especially those with athletics teams and sports or rehabilitation courses.

Leisure centres and health club pools are often at the centre of communities and offer wide-ranging benefits for people of all ages. But like all commercial pools, there are downsides to managing. These include high maintenance costs, legal liability for accidents, and the inherent risks of having young, inexperienced or infirm visitors in close proximity to deep water.

Hotels are often the smallest of commercial pools. These commercial pools focus on well-being and relaxation, helping hotel guests to unwind after long days of work or sightseeing. They aim to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere with a touch of luxury and a focus on adult guests. A pool is an extremely attractive amenity that many guests look for when booking a hotel. Providing it is maintained well, a hotel pool greatly enhances the guest experience and is likely to encourage repeat visits.

Hotel pools have similar maintenance needs to leisure centre pools, requiring expert knowledge and ongoing investment. It soon becomes apparent to guests if a pool isn’t well maintained. At SA Pool Systems we offer aftercare and maintenance services to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits from our installations for years to come and require fewer on-site staff. Find out more here.

Just like other commercial pools, liability for accidents and injuries lies with the pool owners. Therefore, it is necessary to have a lifeguard on duty and warn guests of the possible risks, reducing the likelihood of incidents.

Believe it or not, some prisons do have swimming pools. All prisons in the UK are required to provide the means for prisoners to exercise, and swimming provides an excellent workout for all levels of health and fitness. However, prison pools are not common, so it’s a relatively lucky inmate who finds themselves in a prison with this facility!

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about commercial pools. At SA Pool Systems we have experience in installing, improving, and maintaining both domestic and commercial pools. If you would like to know more about our commercial pool services, get in touch here.